1.2 A brief history of Moose

Before we get started, let’s first see how Moose came to become what it is today. The project was actually started a long time ago, in 1996 to be more precise, at the University of Bern. Since then the community grew and Moose is now used in several research groups and companies around the world for research, teaching and actual analysis of real life systems. Moose today does not resemble the Moose from a decade ago, neither in behavior nor even in intention.

This brief history, while by no means exhaustive, has two goals. The first is to try to capture the events I consider most influential for the evolution of Moose. The second is to provide some perspective on the effort invested by many people into this project.

A list of contributors is also provided at http://moosetechnology.org/about/halloffame/

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nelsongarcia.info (2 December 2014, 5:38 am)

the link of list of contributors is not working.

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